Citric acid wholesale

Citric acid

Citric acid wholesale
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Citric acid is a popular food additive of organic origin, an antioxidant that acts as a preservative and is used in the production of many foodstuffs and beverages. It looks like white crystalline powder without a distinct odour but with a sour flavour. It can be useful in various industries.

The product serves as a flavour enhancer and an acidifier. The main field of application of citric acid is food industry. It is added to nearly all sauces, beverages, confectionery products with a long shelf life. A large amount of citric acid is used in oil and gas production and well building. The product is used as a preservative for silage in modern farming. Citric acid suppresses the active reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, improves the quality of livestock feed and preserves most of its nutritional value.

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